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Kalika FM 95.2 & 91 Mhz

Kalika FM 95.2 & 91 Mhz

समाचार मा सदैब अगाडि संगीत मा सदैब अगाडि


With the first ray of the morning sun of the 8th day of October and the auspicious year of 2002, dawned the voice of KALIKA FM 95.2 and since that very day its frequency modulation entered to millions of house hold in the mid-terai region of Nepal and it has stayed there till this day, over the period that number has but increased with the frequent introduction of state-of-the-art technology by us. After five years, now the only thing that has changed is that our voices have not only managed to stay inside six million households but has also claimed the hearts of those every single listeners as their Heart Beat. Our claim to this has been certified by the world trusted survey of Equal Access, which has listed us as the FM station having the third largest listenership in Nepal. Kalika FM has an online radio that streams its content that is aired from Bharatpur, Chitwan on Frequency Modulation (FM) 95.2 MHz and 91 MHz. The online radio is listed on various portals as Nepali FM, Radio FM, Live Radio, Radio station, online fm, Nepali Radio, online radio fm station from Nepal and listen to music.
Bharatpur, Nepal

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Heard this many times and it feels relax listening to this FM.

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